Thursday, November 23, 2017

PUBG’s Developer New Game Ascent: Infinite Realm Shows Massive Aerial Battles in New Gameplay

Before Net Neutrality, Internet Providers Consistently Abused Their Powers (Brief Timeline)

World's smallest tape recorder is built from microbes

Ten-month-old infants determine the value of a goal from how hard someone works to achieve it

Galapagos study finds that new species can develop in as little as two generations

Physicists develop faster way to make Bose-Einstein condensates

Small but distinct differences among species mark evolution of human brain

Solving the mysteries of life: Crystallographers identify 1,000 protein structures

The world needs to rethink the value of water

“The stuff nightmares are made of:” thousands of bluebottles on Australian beach

NVIDIA Star Wars TITAN Xp Collector Edition Review,1.html

Axiom Verge Publisher Donating 75% Share of Profits to Healthcare for Developer’s Son

Sea of Thieves for Xbox One and PC Gets Glorious 4K Gameplay Showing Small Ships and Drunk Pirates

Monster Hunter World Gets New PS4 Gameplay Showing the Spectacular Rotten Vale

Attack on Titan 2 Gets New Screenshots Showing New Characters and Gameplay Mechanics

Project CARS 2 demo releases later today

ASUS Z370 Maximus X Apex Review

Researchers unravel novel mechanism by which tumors grow resistant to radiotherapy

Radiographs of Dolly's skeleton show no signs of abnormal osteoarthritis

Transplant of ovarian tissue frozen years ago holds hope of life