Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jonsbo Introduces C4 Aluminum Case to C Series

Guru3D Rig of the Month - July 2017,1.html

Half the atoms inside your body came from across the universe

Smallest satellite ever paves way for planned interstellar fleet

Stem cells in the brain’s hypothalamus help mice stay young

Donald Trump tweets plan to ban transgender people from military

Fish can’t recognise faces if they’re upside down – just like us

The games that build playgrounds out of impossible physics

Oldest mass animal stranding revealed in Death Valley fossils

Here is 15 minutes of new gameplay footage from Square Enix’s JRPG, LOST SPHEAR

Waterlogged brain region helps scientists gauge damage caused by Parkinson's disease

Researchers overturn wisdom regarding efficacy of next-generation DNA techniques

Social cues are key to vocal learning in birds and babies

Researchers develop DNA sunscreen that gets better the longer you wear it

Physics discovery unlocks ingredients of 2-D 'sandwich'

Diabetes can be tracked with our Google searches

Measuring distance with a single photo

Visualization of transcription initiation at single-molecule resolution

Developing quantum algorithms for optimization problems

Laser used to reawaken lost memories in mice with Alzheimer's disease

ATLAS Experiment explores how the Higgs boson interacts with other bosons

New shark species glows in the dark, weighs two pounds and has a huge nose

Study projects deaths from heat and cold for 10 U.S. metros through 2090

Understanding cell segregation mechanisms that help prevent cancer spread

Talking to yourself can help you control stressful emotions

Protein crystals grown in microgravity could yield antidotes for nerve agents

Heart rate study tests emotional impact of Shakespeare

Conductivity key to mapping water inside Earth

How genetically engineered viruses develop into effective vaccines

Researchers prove existence of unique but ill-fated New Zealand black swan

Archaeologists find key to tracking ancient wheat in frozen Bronze Age box

A new low-cost battery offers a hefty voltage and sustained energy capacity

Cellular roots of anxiety identified

Researcher turning dirty tinfoil into biofuel catalyst

Optic lobe of giant squid found proportionally smaller than for other cephalopods

Early human's ability to survive through prolonged arid areas in southern Africa

Study sheds light on how body may detect early signs of cancer

'Residual echo' of ancient humans in scans may hold clues to mental disorders

Scientists build DNA from scratch to alter life's blueprint

Researchers make augmented reality a group experience

Identifying major transitions in human cultural evolution

UK to ban sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040

Scientists map ways forward for lithium-ion batteries for extreme environments

How plant architectures mimic subway networks

Scientists regenerate retinal cells in mice

New AI technique creates 3-D shapes from 2-D images

People found able to recognize emotional arousal in vocalizations of land vertebrates

How bacteria maintain and recover their shape

How bacteria maintain and recover their shape

Robot-driven device improves crouch gait in children with cerebral palsy