Monday, November 30, 2015

Samsung patent application shows phone unfolding to become a tablet


A welcome blow to the myth of distinct male and female brains

Post a racist comment online, see it on a billboard near your house

Battlefield: Hardline The Getaway DLC Detailed in Video

Microsoft updates navigation headset for the blind

Driveclub Screenshot Shows New Special Paints; No Plans for Damage Model Updates and More

New Star Wars: Battlefront Trailers Showcase First Look on The Battle of Jakku and Turning Point

New kicks with a click: ShiftWear sneakers change designs on the fly

DirecTV ramps up for the 4K revolution, slates live broadcasts for ‘early next year’

Bugatti on its next supercar: ‘The Chiron will set new standards in every respect’

New NVIDIA Driver For Just Cause 3 & Rainbow Six: Siege Tomorrow, Includes SLI Profile For Fallout 4

Intruder alert! Xandem is like a security radar for inside your home

Cancer’s genetic tipping point reveals who’d benefit from chemo

Researchers find new phase of carbon, make diamond at room temperature

Triple-SIM Acer Liquid X2 to be released in January

Xbox One Exclusive Raiden V Gets First 1080p Screenshots and a Release Date for Japan

New Mighty No. 9 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Two-Player Modes

See how Champions are Born in This FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 Trailer


Intel’s USB-C Integrated Thunderbolt 3 Lands On Revamped Dell XPS Range

Meet the Geminoid F, the first humanoid robot to star in a movie

Apacer Announces Panther Series DDR4 Memory

New redox flow lithium battery has ten times the energy density of current RFBs

Vivo launches metal X6 with 4 GB RAM, and X6 Plus phablet with top-shelf audio chips

How to encrypt a message in the afterglow of the big bang

Total War: Attila – Age of Charlemagne cinematic, screenshots

Xbox One Elite Controller Demand Exceeds Microsoft’s Planning

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review

Black hole ejects massive energy jet after devouring a star

Fan-Created Just Cause 3 Launch Trailer Features Original Explosion Rap

UN says dating apps helped foster a teen HIV epidemic

Fallout 4 – New Mod Brings Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear To Bethesda’s Open World Game

Researchers create magic sponge to clean up oil spills

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Gets New Trailer

Shadow Moses Unreal Engine 4 Remake – New Beautiful Screenshots Released

Review: Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival – Happiness is a Bell Away

Launch Trailers Released For Just Cause 3 & Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Audi’s 2016 R18 hybrid is ready to take on Porsche

Posttraumatic stress disorder reveals imbalance between signalling systems in the brain

A breakdown product of aspirin blocks cell death associated with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases

Old Scientist: Pollution isn’t what it used to be

Gates, Zuckerberg and Bezos invest in huge clean energy fund

LG’s $8.7 billion OLED factory might be the birthplace of the OLED iPhone

Russian hackers have scraped over $790 million in three years

Carbon lattice material now set for use in high-end microphones

Virtual wound will teach medics how to treat soldiers

Turning sunlight into clean fuel is now cheap and simple

Elite: Dangerous Horizons video offers work-in-progress footage of Europa

Scientists show that gene editing can 'turn off' human diseases