Friday, November 30, 2012

Scientists take photo of DNA for first time

Scientists take first hyperspectral photos of Earth's auroras,1.html

Tomb Raider – The Final Hours – Episode Three

Steam offers Unreal Tournament 3: Black & Unreal Deal Pack with a 66% discount this weekend

Hitman: Absolution – First PC Update Released

Improving game graphics is behind the newest NVIDIA Beta Drivers

NASA: 100 billion to 1 trillion tons of ice exist on Mercury

Surface Pro pricing revealed: $899 for 64GB and $999 for 128GB

God of War: Ascension Early Beta Access Within Reach, New Videos And Screen

Battlefield 3 Aftermath – More Mirror’s Edge and Dino Easter Eggs Discovered

Review - Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two

Sennheiser U320 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset Review

Metro: Last Light – Survivors – The Model Trailer

Apple starts selling unlocked iPhone 5

Guru3D Rig of the Month - November 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Deathstroke screenshots

Wii U CPU and GPU Clock Speeds revealed, slower than PS3/360

Grand Theft Auto V – PC Petition Hits Its Initial Goal Of 100K Signs, Goal Updated To 150K Signs

World of Warships – First Screenshots Unveiled

New Dead Island Riptide Screenshots

New Splash Damage title revealed and will be exclusive to the PC

Angry Birds Star Wars – First Update Released For iOS; Coming Soon To Android, Mac & PC

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition & Far Cry 3 Are Now Available, Far Cry 3 Day-One Patch Detailed

OCZ Vector 256GB SSD Review

Samsung Galaxy S III mini review: a small Galaxy with few stars Mobile

Sony's 4K Ultra HD Video Player revealed, COO Phil Molyneux tells us what 'only Sony can do'

VTX3D break sub £700 price point for HD7990

Club3D HD7970 RoyalAce Graphics Card Review

Staples to offer 'Easy 3D' printing service, put an end to hackneyed hockey masks

Casio's touchscreen graphing calculator arrives in 2013, makes the TI-84+ look dated

Japan unveils prototype of new maglev train, promises speeds of up to 311 mph

Behind the Scenes of Crysis 3 with Kill Screen

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Delayed To 2014, Coming To Next-Generation Platforms Only

New Dead Space 3 Screenshots

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EA’s Origin stores Credit-Card information online that cannot be removed/deleted

New RTS ‘Citadels’ Announced; Coming Exclusively To The PC In 2013

The Future Is Here; New Screenshots From Mobile Racer “Real Racing 3″

Ace Combat Assault Horizon PC – PC Features Unveiled, GFWL Spotted

PC gamers, meet Primal Fears; a top-down isometric shooter similar to Alien Shooter & Alien Breed