Monday, October 24, 2011

Brazil, U.S.A., Germany, Netherlands & Russia - Thanks

I´d like to thank all of you guys from Brazil, U.S.A., Germany, Netherlands and Russia for accessing my blog. I´m really happy with you all!
 I have been trying to filter some news related to nice pieces of computer hardware, cell phones and, of course, really nice GAMES.
 I don´t care about bullshit such as: "PS3 is much better than XBOX 360", or vice-versa. I hate this kind of thing. I wanna know about real good games, not about who created them or where I´m playing them! I´m a GAMER, NOT a stupid FANBOY! I also hate those kind of topics such as: TEN REASONS WHY YOU´RE GOING TO LOVE SOMETHING!. If it´s not out, who do you it?

 I opted for using one single picture and a title to the post that can let most of people figure it out what the post is all about but, if you wanna have the same news in English, just let me know it!
 Above all, I try to post about things that I´m enjoying at the moment, and I hope it that, as time goes by, our ranks go up, either you are in Brazil, in Ivory Coast, or anywhere else!

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